How to Build Lean Muscle Mass Without Putting on Fat?

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In order to build lean muscle mass fast, you should know some key facts first. Most people who train in the gym do not even look at the weight section with the mere impression that lifting such objects will make them huge. Apparently, they have the impression that one could look like Arnold in just a few weeks.

WRONG! Do you know how hard it is to actually build lean muscle mass? Unless you are chugging in a couple of steroids every day to lift weights that wouldn’t be humanly possible for a person of your size in the first place!

Well, it is obvious you are probably aware of the above mentioned controversy since you are here actually looking for a way to build some lean muscle fast without adding too much fat at the same time.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points:

Progressive Overload

Unless you are happy with the way you look, it is time to put on more weight to those dumbbells and barbells! No muscle will grow unless it feels the resistance and threat of future damage to the same tissue. Imagine your muscle as a system developed by your body as a means of survival.

Every time you threaten your body by lifting heavier weights, your muscles panic, and re develop themselves to be bigger than before to sustain the same strain the next time. What do you next time then? You increase the reps, you increase the sets, increase the weights, do more in the same time, do the same workout in less time with little rest! Be progressive. Keep challenging yourself in EVERY WORKOUT!

Sneaky Tip 1: If you really want to see faster results, stick to compound movements like the Dead lift, Barbell Squats, Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Weighted Pushups, Bench Press etc… These movements tend to utilize most of the major muscles in your body. The more muscular damage you create in your body, faster muscle growth you’ll experience.

Sneaky Tip 2: The Deadlift is by far the best muscle building exercise I know so far. It utilizes the entire body in every movement, so make sure to have the dead lift in the beginning of your workouts.

Eat Like a Maniac But The Right Way!

You are probably aware of the mere fact that in order to put on more muscle mass, you should eat like a maniac. You just open up the refrigerator or your kitchen cabinet and eat anything in sight. Anything that’s edible should be inside your belly by the end of the day. WRONG!

You only feed your body the materials it needs to actually develop your muscle. Your muscles don’t need to extra sodium and fat content from Pringles, or extra saturated and trans-fats from deep friend junk and processed foods.

Why would your body require these? It’s just as bad as using supplements. You want to grow muscle the natural way, eat the natural way. Stay away from processed food. Feed on whole grain, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, nuts etc… Eat high on these food items, and you are most likely to gain more muscle with very little fat.

Sneaky Tip: Eat your largest carb loaded meal immediately after your workout. Your muscles are ready to soak up whatever you feed it at that time to rebuild muscle tissue fast.

Sneaky Tip 2: Cut back on your carbs on the day you don’t workout. You are not expending energy on these days, so it recommended you stick to one or two meals with carbs like whole grain rice, bread or oatmeal, and the rest of the day, just stick to fruits and vegetables.

Take a before picture before you follow these guidelines. If you manage to follow these standard and simple guidelines for at least 8 weeks, feel free take your new picture and compare with your before picture. I can guarantee you will notice more lean muscle mass in your body with little more or little less fat than before.

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