Tips for knowing which career to pursue. The dilemma of the young


Visit touch this issue because I believe that is one of the starting points that help pave the way to success. When I was 16 years old and was about to finish school my father guided me about the career I could follow, then economy was fashionable (beginning of 80s). To be honest, I was not sure it meant and less if I could live in my profession. Times have changed, there is now a test range of vocational, professional and dedicated to guide young people, to give a fuller picture of reality that will be living. Nevertheless I decided to study economics.

Now that I am a father of two teenagers, one of the topics of conversation with other contemporary parents And your child is already known to be studying? What college will you go? My son for example, school ends next year and still not sure which career to pursue. I’ve met a few young people who speak with conviction about their future and what if I admire those conveying that security that I had at that age. There are probably a thousand and one reasons that influence the decision to be taken by a teenager.

Some want to be doctors because children always saw the dad in and out of the house, with the white coat on his arm, others want to be lawyers, to defend how unfair life is. My other son, for example, is clear about what it wants to be, loves video productions and already helps me with my work in video production in the workshops I do …! Good for him

Recently talked with a lady on a return trip and I explained all the effort they had made as a mother for her daughter to follow a career in architecture, which as you know is expensive for the materials required.

The problem was that her daughter wanted to leave the University, halfway, to follow a fashion design school. Times have changed and how much … In my time, go to college was a very difficult challenge, requiring preparation thoroughly, sleepless nights and constant struggle to overcome my own fears. Now there are new ways to get into college, starting with assessments in the final year of study and only requires a personal interview and in many cases, simply check the creditworthiness of the parents, must. I think the fact that he “facilitated” the university entrance, first took away the pressure it had before the applicant and has been transferred to the parents who have to “stretch” their budgets to meet the payments and obligations. Second, I was always taught that what is achieved with effort is more valuable. Therefore, sooner if the wrong career elegies, you looked in the obligation to move forward not to disappoint the “pocket” of your parents.

Today young people entering the first cycle and find they do not like what they study, simply must inform parents and ready … sounds something like, “Dad I realized that the career I chose to take a lot of math … Then I prefer letters “or” The university requires me much and I have no time to meet people … I want to change. ”

Another criterion for deciding to study is to determine if the profession you chose will meet my needs, if I have the dream house, travel etc. ie evaluating ROI. On the other side is choosing to study a career because I enjoy what I do.

It is true that there must be a balance between profitability and enthusiasm for what I do, personally at this stage of the “party” I am convinced that one must choose not only what you “fill your pocket”, but what you “fill the spirit “that you fulfillment. I am an economist, I repeat, but over the years I discovered my true calling. I am dedicated to training and HR consulting, I enjoy when I make dynamic, I enjoy working with people, learning from them, helping them realize that they can stop doing and they can incorporate into their lives. I discovered that I can help by writing about topics that seem so simple, as this article, but fill us sometimes anxiety and concern. I worked at a newspaper for many years, was not explained at the time … Eventually I gave the answer.

I can only tell you what you decide to do, do it with love, enjoy, feel the adrenaline when facing a challenge not see problems see opportunities for growth. If you chose the wrong race does not matter, all I learned is used to find the road to success, and do not talk about money, we know it’s just a medium that can help but can also complicate the lives of many. Before worrying about the outside world, look within yourself, take the time to know what they like, evaluate their strengths, analyze their actions in context, define a vision that motivates them, design your life plan, get informed on current economic and social situation in which they live, to make better decisions. Perhaps better explain this fragment of the poem by Antonio Machado: “Walker your footsteps are the road no more, no walking path made by walking.